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Children'S Toy Lacrosse Stick With Catcher On Tie

  • Lacrosse stick for children
  • Made from plastic
  • Stiff, durable head for intense play
  • Bottom rail designed specifically for high pocket.
  • High quality material used
  • CE approved

A traditional lacrosse stick is usually crafted from hickory trees.The lacrosse stick is given its shape through steam bending. Holes are drilled in the top portion of the head and the side-wall the sides of the permitting weaving of nylon string, which is then hardened by dipping the nylon in resin.Leather "runners" are strung from the top of the "head" to the "throat" of the stick. Then nylon string is woven in to create the pocket.The lacrosse stick dates back to the creation of the sport and is still fashioned by box lacrosse players around the world. Though modern lacrosse sticks made of plastic have become the most popular choice for contemporary lacrosse players. The kids will love this and have hours of fun playing with it.

  • Weight: 1
  • Packaged Quantity: 24

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